Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deontay Wilder: Why are the Top 15 contenders not fighting him?

(Photo credit: Showtime) 
By Jay Kilby

Heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder (30-0, 30 KO’s) has been taking a great deal of heat for not fighting the top 15 contenders in the division while building up his impressive KO record. However, Deontay’s cutman Russ Anber puts the blame on the top 15 contenders for failing to step in the ring with Deontay so that he can show off his stuff to the boxing world.

Anber said on his twitter “Don’t ask @bronzebomber why he’s not fighting guys in the top 15. Ask guys in the top 15 why they’re not fighting him?”

When someone chimed in saying that Deontay supposedly turned down a fight against Tyson Fury, Anber said “Bulls***! Where did you get your information from?”

It’s tough being Deontay because none of the top fighters want to step inside the ring with him, including the champions. Deontay is literally being forced to fight his way into a mandatory title position, which takes many years to accomplish, just to get a title shot. He’s not ne of those contenders that gets picked out by one of the champions for an optional title defense. Those type of guys are selected based on them not being a treat to the champion. Deontay’s not getting that kind of treatment due to his huge punching power in both hands, and I suspect that won’t change anytime soon. The champions are going to stay away from Deontay because he has the kind of power to end a fight with a single shot, and no one wants to take a risk in fighting a talented guy like that, no one.

In his last fight, Deontay blew away a very good Nicolai Firtha in 4 rounds on Showtime. It was scary to see how powerful Deontay was in that fight because not only was he throwing lethal shots with his right hand, he was also showing bone crushing power with his left hook as well. It was impressive to see because the last time the heavyweight division had a fighter with the kind of punching power and exciting fighting style that Deontay has was when Mike Tyson was in his prime. He was the type o guy that would put on incredible punching displays, and the division has been missing that ever since Tyson retired. It looks like we have a new Tyson with the 28-year-old Deontay. However, with the champions and top 15 contenders unwilling to get in the ring with Deontay, we’re forced to watch Deontay bludgeon the 2nd tier guys until he gets locked into a mandatory spot for a world title.

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